Make Interesting Posts

I have been thinking about the benefits of adding different plug-ins to this blog but I just came to an interesting realization.  I need to write better stories on this blog.  The foundation is the content on the site.

One of my favorite books is “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” by Cal Newport.  I actually wrote down my thoughts for each chapter.  The title is a quote from the comedian Steve Martin who’s advice was “You should be so good they can’t ignore you.”

I should be working on putting interesting things on the site instead of stalling and worrying about how it looks.



I am taking a break from the social media on the internet. Since I have stopped mindless scrolling and surfing, I have become a lot more focused and am taking on more tasks.

As I approach July and August, the traditional vacation seasons, I am going to be going on trips more often.  I want to use this blog to track and identify Why I Am Going on these trips.